May 30, 2017

Many common plumbing and electrical products don’t need or get much attention when it comes to design updates, but this year, vendors at NHS offered exciting innovations for even the most mundane products.

Aspen Brands Decorative Vintage Lightbulbs. With interesting filament designs and LED options, these decorative Edison-inspired bulbs can bring a unique style into the home. View the Product Here >>
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FaucetPal™. Use only the water needed while helping to prevent cross-contamination between pre- and post-handwashing with FaucetPal™. It utilizes a similar concept to motion-sensing water faucets, without the need to replace the entire faucet. No special tools or complicated installation required—just screw onto the existing faucet and set the water to the desired temperature; the lever action keeps water from flowing unless pushed. View the Product Here >>

Amaze-Heater Electric Wall-Mounted Panel Heaters. Utilizing convection-style heat circulation, the Amaze-Heater efficiently heats spaces while simultaneously reducing the risk for accidental burns, thanks to no exposed heating elements. It can be made safer with the addition of the attachable Heat Guard. This unit can either be attached to the wall or installed using an EZY Mount Stand. It is easily cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth and can also be painted with water-based paints to help blend it in with the home’s decor. View the Product Here >>
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