June 6, 2017

Paint professionals and DIYers use many products in the Power Tools & Hardware category to make tasks easier, safer and more efficient, like these three products that stood out at the 2017 National Hardware Show.

SoftSeal® Respirators. These patented filtration masks seal noses, chins and cheeks for better protection from molds, bacteria, viruses, allergens, smoke, ash, soot and other air pollutants. Made with medical-grade silicone for increased comfort. View the Product Here >> Learn more about the 2017 Exhibitor >>
Builder Buddies. Highlighted in the New Product World at the National Hardware Show, these soft fleece comfort strap wraps are made to attach to existing kneepads to help prevent chafing, cuts and circulation problems caused by traditional straps. Sold in sets of four, these accessories are perfect for contractors who wear kneepads all day. View the Product Here >> Learn more about the 2017 Exhibitor >>
Stair Climber Bigger Mighty Max Dolly. Another new product launched at the National Hardware Show, this dolly that can hold up to 250 lbs. as easily as 5 lbs., can carry paint buckets up and down stairs with ease and is available in four color options.  View the Product Here >> 

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