June 13, 2017

Foundation items like bamboo or wood flooring (even faux applications) and natural-finish cabinets can set the stage for a nature-inspired look, while products such as no-show screens or cabinet hardware help finish the overall design or add a nature-inspired touch to standard home decor.

Nova Vision Retractable Screen and Protect Screen Appliques. Screens allow for fresh air to flow through living spaces, while at the same time restrict insects from entering the residence. Unlike standard screen doors, Nova Vision screens are retractable, can be easily installed and do not detract from the appearance of entry and patio doors. Additionally, the separate decorative appliques help protect screens from birds, pets and people by making them more visible during use. View the product here >>
Quality Craft 10-mm Premium Self-Locking Vinyl Plank. Wood floors can really bring a natural feel to interior spaces, but may not be suitable in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms or mudrooms. Quality Craft’s vinyl plank flooring can handle both high-moisture and high-traffic areas and warm up spaces with a product that echoes the look of natural wood. View the product here >>
Hickory Hardware Cabinet Pulls Twist Collection. Function and design combine to add that finishing touch to cabinets and drawers, and Hickory Hardware offers multiple styles and finishes to complete a room. The Twist Collection offers refined, nature-inspired lines that tie a space together. View the product here >>

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