Housewares: Bring in the Good, Keep out the Bad

June 13, 2017

Whether it’s putting a bit of sparkle into a space or having an appliance that is both useful and decorative, there are many housewares items that bring in a nature feel to make a house a home.

OPCOMFarm O2-Light. For small workspaces, nightstands and other small surfaces, the dual-function O2-Light from OPCOM Farm can bring both light and nature to the space. This unit can function as both a miniature garden with grow lamp or as a reading lamp with a simple redirection of the light. View the product here >>
Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Window Panels, Design Toscano. Known for both decorative and unique items, Design Toscano offers nature-inspired stained glass window panels to bring a floral element to any space. View the product here >>
Smart Swatter. When discussing insects, not all nature is welcome into interior spaces, but sometimes swatting them leaves consumers wondering if they actually killed the bug. The Smart Swatter helps alleviate this confusion since its 900+ spikes grip pests, letting consumers know they’ve killed the insect and allowing for easier cleanup. View the product here >>

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