Housewares: Dual Purpose Saves Space

June 27, 2017

Consumers appreciate household products that take up minimal space, offer them convenience when working or serve dual purposes.

OPCOM Farm Grow Frame. Releasing to market in July 2017, this new product gives consumers the option of utilizing vertical wall space to grow decorative or edible plants, like herbs. The built-in fan recirculates air within the space, helping to freshen the air. View the Product Here >>
Master Magnetics Handy Holder Adjustable Paper Towel Holder. This two-piece product allows users to keep paper towels and other rolled products (like food wrap or trash bags) at fingertip reach by magnetically attaching to metal surfaces (vertical or horizontal). It can accommodate any length and up to a six-inch diameter roll. View the Product Here >>
Cosco Retro Counter Chair With Pullout Steps. Although this stool uses some floor space, it combines both a counter-height kitchen chair with step-stool functionality in a compact, vertically integrated footprint, thereby saving overall space while at the same time lending a throwback appeal to the room. View the Product Here >> 

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