June 27, 2017

Putting everything in its place—whether in the shop, the kitchen, the craft room or the playroom—is critical to keeping living and work areas looking neat and tidy, as well as making them more functional.

PegLock. An upgrade to standard pegboard panels, PegLock’s system of panels and pegs allow it to be mounted to any flat surface without the need for behind-panel spacers. View the Product Here >>
Quantum Storage Ultra Hang and Stack Bins. With multiple colors and sizes, as well as slots for inserting labels, these heavy-duty bins can make even an over-obsessed organizer satisfied. Pair them with the louvered wall panels to free up floor space. View the Product Here >>
Seville Classics 9-Bin Mobile Toy Storage Cart. Kids love bright colors, and parents love products that make it easy for kids to access and put away their toys. This mobile cart does just that. With dimensions of 14″Dx32″Wx34″H and a weight capacity of almost 100 pounds, the cart has the ability to hold everything kids play with the most. Its rolling feature also makes it easy to put back in its designated area once playtime is over. View the Product Here >>

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