July 5, 2017

These reliable and well-known American manufacturers offer products that are popular with pros and DIYers.

Add-A-Handle: Providing the convenience and benefits of a cup holder or a shelf, this Made in America tool allows DIYers and pros to add a handle to products like paint cans and bottles for easier use and transportation and also create storage/holders in convenient places, like on the sides of ladders. View the product here >>
Renegade XT Universal Pickup Truck Rack by Cross-Tread Industries, Inc.: This universal over-the-cab pickup truck rack is made in America from 14-gauge telescoping tubing with a durable, high-gloss powder coat finish. View the product here >>
FrogTape Painter’s Tape: This patented painter’s tape prevents bleed using special Paintblock® Technology, making it perfect for intricate professional jobs or for first-time DIYers.  View the product here >>


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