July 5, 2017

Patriotic marketing can grab consumer attention year-round by highlighting the Made in America brand. One of the products below received an award at the 2017 National Hardware Show for its red-white-and-blue-themed marketing, but it wasn’t the only product with a patriotic theme.

AAC Forearm Forklift®: These heavy-duty straps are adjustable up to 48 inches, making them convenient for carrying small to extra-large items and are rated for carrying up to 800 pounds. Available in red and blue, the Forearm Forklift® also comes in a festive red, white and blue design called the Go USA Edition. View the product here >>
ABCOGear Tool Belts: Made from genuine cowhide leather, rust-resistant buckles and high-density foam padding, these belts are durable and comfortable, as well as completely customizable. Plus, all components are sourced through domestic suppliers and manufactured in Tampa, Florida. View the product here >>
Imperial Blades and Cutting Tools: This American company won the Patriotic Marketing Award during the Made in America Awards at the 2017 National Hardware Show. To appeal to conscientious consumers, consider adding their star-spangled blades (from carbide to diamond) and sanding tools to your shelves. View the product here >>

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