July 11, 2017

Camping, shopping and the daily commute all have their obstacles, but these three products provide consumers ways to overcome the hassles they sometimes face when on the go.

Ezyline Pegless Clothesline. Whether in the great outdoors or wherever a clothesline is needed, the Ezyline Pegless Clothesline allows users to hang up to seventy pounds of damp or wet gear to dry without the need for clothespins. Made of U.V.-resistant polypropylene, this product folds into a small, highly packable size, making it a perfect companion when backpacking. View the Product Here >>

A Handy Hook. More consumers are choosing to use reusable shopping bags, but oftentimes they lack a convenient way to keep them contained for use. Add in a cup of coffee or a latte and shopping can become cumbersome. A Handy Hook is a simple tool to help control it all, and it conveniently slips onto any grocery cart! The hook hold up to fifty pounds and attaches to a vehicle headrest for easy storage. View the Product Here >>

KAVKA™. Commuting to work can be an agonizing chore without that morning cup of coffee, but KAVKA helps consumers make coffee practically anywhere—in the car, in an airport or even on the hiking trail! Made with protective silicone layers to insulate against burns, this hand-operated product just requires hot water and a scoop of ground coffee for a fresh-brewed cup. View the Product Here >>

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