Plumbing & Electrical: Creature Comforts

July 11, 2017

Whether going off the grid or trying to enjoy the pool in the backyard, these products make time spent outdoors a bit more comfortable.

Off-Grid Solar Modules. Jiawei Solar off-grid solar modules allow consumers to create a power system for their electronic needs when access to the main power grid isn’t readily available. View the Product Here >> 

Hose Quick Connect Kit. Consumers can save steps and water with the Hose Quick Connect Kit by Aquor Water Systems. This product allows users to swap out hoses without the need to turn off the water source. Go from irrigating the garden to playing in the sprinkler in seconds. View the Product Here >> 

Flex Tape™. A hole in any outdoor plumbing can dampen outdoor fun, but 2017 Retailers’ Choice Award winner Flex Tape can quickly repair even actively running leaks thanks to its waterproof, rubberized construction. View the Product Here >> 


  • Rena Hernandez

    Hi there! What are the guidelines for product features and to whom should I submit the info to?

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