July 11, 2017

Power tools and other hardware items are not only for use in the home or at the job site. Here are three products from the category that are also handy when travelling.

Tie Boss®. Useful for tying things down or hoisting them overhead, the Tie Boss is a durable, easy-to-use product that secures belongings for transport or at the campsite. View the Product Here >>

Striker® Magnetic Light Mine. With a powerful LED and twelve neodymium magnets, this light is useful just about everywhere. Attach to the car frame to change a tire, stick to the front of a bicycle for an impromptu headlamp or even use it to assist in picking up dropped nuts or screws. View the Product Here >>

Surecan Gas Can. From lawn care equipment to ATVs and jet skis, gasoline is a necessary part of work and play, so why be caught running short? Made in the USA and a 2017 Retailers’ Choice Winner, Surecan gas cans have a rotating fill nozzle, making them easy to use, and the locking system and childproof cap help protect curious little ones. View the Product Here >> 

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