Housewares: Cooking & Composting

July 19, 2017

These three kitchen appliances were designed for convenience and ease of use as well as to enhance existing appliances and encourage healthy living. They don’t take up too much real estate in the pantry or cupboard.

Toastilla™. Engineered to insert safely into a toaster, the Toastilla™ heats small tortillas easily without the use of cooking oil, and with the aid of recipes from the companion cookbook, larger tortillas become tasty grab-and-go pocket sandwiches. Thanks to this new device, toasters can finally become a multipurpose appliance. Learn more here >>

Baker Stone® Pizza Oven Box. This compact pizza oven is made to fit on top of large gas grills, turning any outdoor grill or three-burner gas range into a gourmet pizza oven that is perfect for baking pizzas, breads and cookies or roasting meats and vegetables. The oven combines convective, conductive and radiant heat to raise the temperature of a normal grill to that of a 750-degree, woodburning pizza oven to bake foods quickly. View the product here >> 

Urban Composter™. This composter is a compact bucket that can be easily stored under the kitchen sink in any home. A wide array of scraps can be broken down in the Urban Composter™, from raw and cooked fruit and veggies to meat and eggshells. Microbes break down the scraps into a fermented soup with the help of the Compost Accelerator, a spray that users add with each addition of scraps. Once diluted, the fermented liquid can be added to gardens and pots. The composter is equipped with a lid, handle and spout for ease of use. View the product here >>

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