July 25, 2017

Products in the home automation category have expanded considerably over the last five years, including products for early detection of water leaks and prevention of further damage from broken pipes.

C-Leak™ Water Leak Detection & Protection System. Utilizing the cloud, this system can not only detect the presence of a water leak, but can automatically shut off water to the home and notify the user of a problem. Learn more here >>

WaterleakXsystems. This system helps keep water damage from broken pipes at a minimum by shutting off the water source when a leak is detected. Additionally, it will send alerts to the consumer if a problem occurs. Learn more here >>

WaterCop®. This device attaches to the main water entry point and can sync both wired and wireless with sensors strategically placed near critical water points. When the sensor is activated, the main water supply is turned off automatically to reduce possible damage. The product can integrate with many home security and monitoring systems for consumer peace-of-mind. Learn more here >>


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