July 25, 2017

Plumbing problems are most often associated with creating moisture issues within a home, but this category has several products that help fix those problems and control any that do occur. Here are three plumbing category products found at the 2017 National Hardware Show®, two of which were featured in the New Product World area.

Haier 30 Pint 2-Speed Energy Star® Portable Electronic Dehumidifier. This quiet dehumidifier with two fan speeds can pull excessive moisture from any room between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet. An alarm sounds when the bucket is full. The portable unit also includes a drain connect for direct drainage. Learn more here >>

Leak Lock PVC One-Step Cement. Leak Lock PVC Cement by Highside Chemicals Inc. sets within twenty seconds and in the presence of water, making it useful for reattaching loose pipes and other household plumbing tasks. It has a hold rating of up to 300 psi. Learn more here >>

Wayne’s WWB Waterbug Submersible Water Removal Pump With Multiflow Technology. Wayne Water Systems has constructed this pump for a variety of water removal applications. It can take water levels down to approximately 1/16″. Learn more here >>


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