August 1, 2017

Products used for many different purposes can save time on the job site. The new products listed here combine processes to speed job completion while improving safety and comfort.

5-1 Caulk Tool. Scrape, finish, clean, cut and shave caulk with this five-in-one tool. It has four rotating tips for wiping caulk clean and a built-in razor for cutting tubes. Plus, the tool folds in half for easy storage. Learn more here >>

Forney 190 MP Welder. Manufactured by Forney Industries, this new product offers multiple welding processes, including MIG, Stick and TIG with 230V/120V options. Learn more here >> 

Etymotic HD-15® High-Definition Electronic Earplugs. Perfect for pros who spend days around power tools and construction equipment, these earplugs protect from loud impact noise, but allow natural hearing when no background noise is active. Learn more here >>

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