August 8, 2017

Gardening is one of the gateway areas to getting kids interested in DIY. Some products to help gain children’s attention in this category include

Little Pals Garden and Grow Kits: Gardening is a great way to get small children interested in nature, food, and DIY, and Little Pals kits lend themselves to making gardening fun with tools designed for little hands. Both long-handled and hand gardening tools are scaled to child-size versions, and come in bright, child-friendly colors. Learn more here >>

Plant Stamps: A fun way to add a little something more to a card or invitation, Plant Stamps can be attached to a wide variety of stationary products for gifting, then planted in soil by the recipient to grow flowers from the embedded seeds. The novelty of planting “a sticker” to grow flowers can be a fun way to gain a child’s interest in gardening. Learn more here >>

Crayola My First Garden I Can Grow™: One of the several child-oriented licensed products offered by Triumph Plant Company, the Crayola I Can Grow™ self-contained garden kit holds “soil” and seeds, which make it simple for first-time gardeners to assemble the components. Just water and place in a sunny spot to watch seeds grow. Learn more here >>

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