August 22, 2017

Whether it’s repairing cracks, securing pipes or leveling products for installation, the items here can be useful for completing those honey-do tasks.

Rhino Carbon Fiber® Crack Block. Cracks can compromise the integrity of any concrete structure, but Rhino Carbon Fiber® Crack Block has been designed to stop expansion of the damage and strengthen the structure. Learn more here >>

Hap System. The installation of plumbing often involves a two-piece system of straps and separate plates meant to protect pipes from drywall screws—a system that often can’t be reused if pipes must be moved after the initial installation. The Hap System, a new contributor to NHS, brings those separate pieces together into one product that can be easily moved and reused when pipe locations change. The pieces can be used in either vertical or horizontal applications, and powder coating helps prevent contact corrosion issues that can occur with other products. Learn more here >> 

Winbag®. Leveling items such as windows, doors or cabinets can often be a two-person job involving considerable effort when positioning heavy items into place and holding them in position while they are being secured. The Winbag® helps reduce or eliminate the need to physically lift items incrementally into place. This product has the ability to lift items weighing up to 300 pounds by simply using air manually pumped into the fiber-reinforced pillow.  Learn more here >>

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