August 22, 2017

No one wants to find that they don’t have what they need, especially if the nearest store is miles away. Here are three products that every farmer or rancher should have on hand.

Deep III Pro. Exhibitor Cestus® Armored Gloves brought their latest protective gloves to New Product World. Deep III Pro gloves combine flexibility with enhanced grip performance and impact and cut resistance. Learn more here >>

Snap Clamp. For anyone who uses row netting, tarps or other covers in combination with tube frames, Circo Innovations showcased a new product to help keep those coverings in place. Snap Clamps come in a variety of sizes to fit most needs and easily secure covers to frames and are designed for easy removal when necessary. Learn more here >>

ToughStrand® Fencing. Fences can make good neighbors, especially when it comes to keeping livestock in or wildlife out of agricultural areas. Tree Island Steel offers a variety of options in their ToughStrand® line of fence products to help keep critters in their place. Learn more here >>


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