August 29, 2017

While most individuals consider fencing (like products offered by Tree Island Steel in last week’s newsletter) to be the epitome of wildlife management, fencing is not the only solution for dealing with animals such as deer, fox, raccoons, birds and others. Here are some additional products that can help.

Mousex. Ecoclear Products Inc. brought its Mousex rodent solution to the 2017 National Hardware Show®. Safe for use around livestock, Mousex has no special handling or disposal requirements, unlike some products that are rated for both professional and DIY use. Learn more here >>

Prosave™ Sliding Lid With Scoop and Brute Container Combo. Proper storage of feed is necessary to keep wildlife from making an all-they-can-eat buffet out of food meant for livestock, and Rubbermaid Commercial’s Prosave™ Lid and Brute Container Combo can help. These heavy-duty items keep pests out while making it easy to access the feed stored inside. The integrated compartment helps keep feed scoops at hand. Learn more here >>

Ultra Net ™. Orchards and vineyards put a great deal of time and money into their operations, only to face dwindling harvests due to birds. Ultra Net™ is a lightweight plant netting that keeps out avian pests thanks to its small opening size (¾”), but still allows moisture and sunlight to get in. It is available in bulk sizes for larger operations, as well as smaller rolls for the home enthusiast. Learn more here >>

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