August 29, 2017

Wildlife often tries to find its way into homes either for food or shelter. Here are three products meant to keep pests out or get rid of them if they make it in.

Dynatrap Insect and Mosquito Trap Sonata Series. Dynamic Solutions Worldwide LLC introduced its Sonata Series at the 2017 NHS New Product World. Along with the Ultralight Indoor Trap, there are multiple styles available for outdoors which attract, trap and kill pesky mosquitos and other insect pests. Learn more here >>

Stay Away®. Another 2017 NHS New Product World exhibitor was Earthkind, which brought its Stay Away® line of eco-friendly pest deterrents. Utilizing essential oils and other natural materials, these products can appeal to consumers worried about using harsh chemical pest-prevention products in and around their homes. Learn more here >>

Smart Swatter. Occasionally, a low-tech solution to pest problems can be useful. The Smart Swatter improves on the standard insect swatter by integrating hundreds of small spikes that grab the insect, making it easy to clean up as well as giving the user reassurance that they actually killed the annoying pest. Learn more here >>

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