August 29, 2017

Bringing wildlife in for entertainment, as well as keeping predators away from kitchen gardens and water features are just some of the uses for these listed products.

EleFeeder™ System. Many times, the best place to install a bird feeder is somewhere that isn’t easy to access for refilling or cleaning. The EleFeeder System works to solve that issue by utilizing a winch and lanyard mechanism to safely raise and lower feeders for maintenance—no need to climb a ladder! This product is available through the Inventor Lady and Quality Design LLC.

Seagrass Bird Houses. Many smaller birds are not only a joy to watch, but they can also be beneficial to homeowners by helping to keep insect pests in check. Consumers can keep these birds close and pests at bay by offering cozy nesting spots made from natural materials such as seagrass, jute, palm and coconut fiber. This product is by Birds & More, TDI Brands. Learn more here >>

Pond Defender. Koi and other ornamental outdoor fish can be very expensive—and a tasty meal for predators such as raccoons, cats and some birds. Pond Defender by Bird-B-Gone® Inc. places a barrier between fish and potential predators. There are twelve disks per pack, and they are easy to install and remove for pond maintenance. Learn more here >>

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