September 6, 2017

Some of the innovations seen at 2017 NHS were also geared toward the renovation professional, like these three products that can make a pros job easier and safer.

King’s Harness. This 2017 Retailers’ Choice winner was invented by a professional painter and provides workers with a hands-free experience, eliminating the need to carry buckets or tools up and down ladders. The harness also prevents damage and injury incurred from tools falling from ladders, scaffolding or roofs and reduces trips up and down a ladder to retrieve extra tools. Learn more here >>

Chroma Painting System. The quick-release Chroma Paint handle allows for easy roller change outs and loading. The innovative corner roller makes a professional finish easy to obtain. Check out a video demonstration from TrueProgression Marketing here.

Multifunction Ladder. Three ladders in one, this multifunctional ladder from Suzhou Dongrun Ladder Co. can be used as a straight, A-frame or extension ladder. It has a high load rating and patented hinge. Learn more here >>


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