Plumbing & Electrical: Small But Mighty Products

September 6, 2017

Kitchens and baths are at the top of most homeowners’ to-do lists for renovation projects, and the following products can help in both categories. Introduced at the 2017 National Hardwar

Toilet Trapcap. From A&B Innovations LLC, the Toilet TrapCap caps a toilet trap during renovations to eliminate odors and prevent renovation waste from entering the lines, which can cause clogs or damage to sewer systems. Learn more here >> 

Flair-It PEXLock Clamp. These clamps are made to secure the Flair-It PEXLock fittings, and they can be easily crimped by using pliers and removed, if necessary, with a screwdriver. The product is made from a malleable polymer that resists freezing, cracking and extreme heat. Learn more here >> 

Fluxtronics LED Filament Bulbs. New from high-end lighting company Fluxtronics comes a vintage throwback in the form of LED Edison filament bulbs available in different wattages and shapes from the small-based flame tip to the standard bulb. View the exhibitor here >>  

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