September 11, 2017

From adding to a home’s security to ensuring that the backup generator has enough fuel to weather the storm, these products below can help consumers keep their homes safe and comfortable.

Maximus Smart Security Light. Consumers are looking for more ways to protect their homes and families, and the Maximus Smart Security Light can help add to their security. These lights, availlable in four different styles, install similarly to standard wall-mounted outdoor lights, but allow the homeowner to see and communicate with visitors via an application paired to their smartphones. Learn more here >>

ADLock BKL16 Blutooth Keypad Deadbolt Lock. Ardi combines technologies with its ADLock BKL16 Deadbolt, allowing consumers the versatility of both keyed and keyless entry. This deadbolt allows simple push-button entry when Bluetooth eKey is in range and up to five active user codes for entry without smartphone. Learn more here >>

Tank Utility Wireless LP Fuel Tank Monitor. Why second guess how much propane is left in your generator’s tank? Tank Utility monitors fuel levels and transmits them wirelessly to an accompanying smartphone app (Android and iOS). Learn more here >>


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