September 26, 2017

Whether working in the garden or firing up the gas grill for a cookout, these convenient products can reduce stress and strain and keep supplies organized.

The Roo. Why use a kitchen apron in the garden when you can wear a Roo? This garden apron makes it easy to keep clothes clean and carry veggies in from the garden. Manufactured from heavy-duty cotton and water-resistant nylon, the Roo is adjustable to fit most frames, and the clips allow for easy release of the pouch. Learn more here >> 

Miracle-Gro Roll N’Kneel 4-in-1. This garden scooter combines a storage unit for small garden tools and supplies with a rolling seat, stationary stool and padded kneeler all in one compact unit. The Roll N’Kneel was a 2017 Hardware Retailing Retailers’ Choice Award winner. Learn more here >> 

Valve Grip. Sometimes, turning the small valves on propane tanks can be difficult, especially for those with reduced grip strength. The Valve Grip is a polycarbonate attachment that easily fits over standard metal propane tank valves. Its ergonomic design with deep finger grooves provide increased leverage for turning gas flow on or off easily, and its range of colors allows users to color-code their tanks for specific use or to identify full or empty tanks.  Learn more here >> 

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