Pet Products: Secured for Safety

October 10, 2017

Whether it’s keeping pets in check during bath time or locating lost pets when out and about, many pet products are available to keep pets safe and pet parents stress free.

Tagabiner™ Pet Tag Holder. Identification tags are one of the simplest ways for consumers to keep pets safe, but tags can often get lost. One solution is the Tagabiner, a closed loop, aluminum alloy tag holder that can securely hold multiple tags without the need for difficult-to-use rings or hooks. The Tagabiner only opens if a user opens it, and it can easily be transferred from collar to collar. It is Made in USA, and 10 percent of proceeds go to animal rescue charities. Learn more here >>

Booster Bath. Bath time can be stressful for both pets and pet parents, but Booster Bath can take some difficulty out of the equation. The elevated design allows users to comfortably stand while washing, and the raised sides keep pets contained safely. It is Made in USA. Learn more here >> 

PetTracker 227PA. Keeping track of multiple pets is easier with Ardi Technology Corp.’s Pet Tracker 227PA. Utilizing Smart Distance and Direction radio frequency technology, users can track up to four pets, even small ones, thanks to the 4.2-gram tag size. Learn more here >>

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