Tailgating & Recreation: Make Outdoors as Safe as Indoors

October 10, 2017

Enjoying outdoor recreation time with pets can be a safe and healthy experience as well, thanks to products like these.

Original Tick Key. While most pets are protected by flea and tick preventive products, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan, especially in the height of tick season. The Original Tick Key is a quick, easy and effective way to remove attached ticks. It fits easily on a keychain and is Made in USA. Learn more here >>

Sip ‘N Share™. Available in both ½- and one-liter sizes, O2Cool’s Sip ‘N Share allows users to carry one water bottle for both humans and pets to share on walks. The detachable dog bowl allows for pet hydration, and the treat compartment conveniently stores morsels for Fido (or his human) to enjoy. This product also has space for keys, ID and a bit more. Learn more here >>

The Walker Lease and The Perfect Collar. Collars and leashes are necessary to enjoy safe outdoor time when away from the confines of home and yard. Bihlerlfex offers a variety of options, including their Walker Flexa-Pure™ leash and The Perfect Collar, a cut-to-fit, urethane-coated product that is both waterproof and antimicrobial. Learn more here >>

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