October 17, 2017

Protect loved ones, valuables, cash and even your hearing with these three products from 2017 National Hardware Show® exhibitors.

Charm Tag SB22. Available from Ardi Technology, this Bluetooth® tag makes losing a smartphone, purse, luggage, pets and even the kids a thing of the past. The electronic leash sounds an alarm when a smartphone leaves the user’s vicinity. Thanks to the smartphone app, any other valuables from wallets to the kids can be located on Apple or Google Map apps. Learn more here >>

CacheSYSTEM®. This smart gift will appeal to cash-based retailers and business owners. From new NHS exhibitor Armor Safe Technologies, this advanced safe system secures cash with less exposure, offers greater employee accountability through individual PINs, has built-in counterfeit detection and a built-in printer for generating receipts and reports. It is available in five different series to meet retailers’ needs. Learn more here >>

Honeywell Howard Leight™ Sync® Wireless Earmuffs. Perfect for noisy job sites, these earmuffs were designed to help users stay connected while still offering hearing protection. The Bluetooth®-enabled device connects wirelessly to most smartphones for unimpeded communication and no more missed calls. The device is the newest addition to the Sync® line of wireless earmuffs that allows users to listen to AM/FM radio, MP3s or audio streaming. Learn more here >>

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