October 17, 2017

Many smart products are also good for the environment, requiring alternative forms of energy and offering organic options. Below are three products that can save your customers’ time and energy.

Grillbot. Like other cleaning robots, the Grillbot can be left alone to do the grunt work, which in this case is scrubbing grill grates. Driven by a CPU chip that controls its movement, the Grillbot has an alarm and timer for convenience and removable wire brushes that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  Learn more here >>

Solar LED Bulbs. Available from Gama Sonic, the new solar LED lightbulbs for outdoor solar-powered lamps and lamp posts, have a 10-year lifespan and replicate the appearance of traditional bulbs. Learn more here >>

Home Farmer™ Organic Seeds. Devoted gardeners (and even amateurs) enjoy spending their dark winter days planning for the next growing season. Inspire them with organic grow kits and seed value packs from Home Farmer™, a new National Hardware Show® exhibitor. The company’s seed lines, which include herbs, tomatoes, flowers, vegetables and greens, have some of the highest germination rates available. They are Made in the USA. Learn more here >>

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