November 1, 2017

Customers who have a passion for protecting the environment expect their backyards, patios and outdoor areas to be free of harsh chemicals that could harm the health of their families and friends. Fortunately, these manufacturers offer plenty of green options.

DynaSteam™ Weed Killer. This 2017 Retailers’ Choice Award winner offers an environmentally friendly and nontoxic option for ridding lawns and gardens of unwanted weeds. Using steam from superheated tap water, this device kills weed’s root systems through a spike attachment and above-ground weeds with a precision jet tip. Learn more here >>

Solar Panel Bird Deterrent. The space beneath rooftop solar panels can be attractive to pigeons and other birds for nesting and roosting, causing unsanitary conditions for homeowners. This mesh barrier deterrent from Bird-B-Gone prevents birds from accessing the space without harming them. If installed with the solar panels, it will prevent problems from the start. Learn more here >>

COCOBRIQ BBQ Briquets. Made from coconut shells, these sustainable barbecue briquettes help reduce deforestation while offering a natural taste and a low-smoke, hotter burn that lasts longer and requires fewer briquettes than traditional charcoal. Learn more here >>

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