Plumbing & Electrical: Water Remediation Products

November 7, 2017

Water damage in any form—from a small leak in the kitchen sink to flooding from extreme weather events—can be emotionally and economically taxing. The following plumbing and electrical products can make the cleanup process a little easier for your customers.

Flex Seal® Liquid. This patent-pending liquid rubber can be brushed, rolled, dipped or poured anywhere a watertight seal is needed. The liquid dries to a rubberized coating to protect basements and foundations from seepage or to stop plumbing leaks. Learn more here >>

Heavy-Duty Submersible Utility Pump. From Red Lion, this construction-grade utility pump was designed for the toughest applications, like removing water from construction sites and ditches. The stainless steel, high-efficiency, submersible pump could also be helpful in flooding situations.  Learn more here >> 

EP-60 Solar Panel. In many remediation and disaster situations, access to power and traditional fuel sources can be limited. This portable solar charger with handy carrying case from Kick Power Corp provides 60-watt panels that can be combined for additional output to ensure a quiet charge in any situation.  Learn more here >> 

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