Homewares: Moisture Control

November 14, 2017

Keep snow and ice under control and add moisture to winter-dry interior air with these products in the Homewares category, which were designed to keep things clean and comfortable so consumers can spend more time enjoying the season.

110VB International Multi-Purpose Corner Shoe Tray. Consumers can control mud, slush, and other shoe-borne grime by using shoe trays. Good Directions offers several versions to choose from. Their 110VB Copper Shoe Tray conveniently slides into a corner and is available in a variety of patterns. The trays can also be used as plant trays, or for pet water and food dishes. Learn more here >> 

BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent  Consumers can save on home heating costs and add moisture to the air during the winter cold, all while drying their clothes, by using the BetterVent Indoor Drying Vent by ADR Products. Made for electric dryers, the BetterVent requires no water to trap lint, and easily installs using a standard 4-inch duct. Made in USA. Learn more here >>

The Better Ice Scraper. Fall and winter bring frost and ice, and removing these from vehicle windows can be quite a task. One product found in Inventors Spotlight at that 2017 National Hardware Show® was The Better Ice Scraper, an ergonomically designed tool that conforms to the shape of vehicle windows, allowing for more efficient cleaning. Compact design fits conveniently into most glove compartments. Learn more here >>

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