Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Living: Snow Control

November 14, 2017

Interior comfort is a big concern for most consumers during the late fall and winter months, but exterior chores like snow removal can make for a better winter experience.

Yankee Hatchet & Merlin Splitting Maul. Few things say wintertime like a cozy fire in the fireplace, but before settling in with a cup of hot cocoa, someone must cut the firewood. Prandi Andrea & C. Snc offer several styles of woodcutting tools (over 150 models available), including their Yankee hatchet and Merlin splitting maul. Made in Italy. Learn more here >> 

Big Blade Snow Glider. Removing snow from sidewalks and driveways can be daunting, but products like Big Blade Snow Glider can help to make it easier. Featured in the Inventors Spotlight area of 2017 NHS, Big Blade allows users to push snow from surfaces rather than lifting it like standard shoveling, thus increasing safety and reducing the chances of injury. The product comes in various sizes. Made in USA. Learn more here >> 

Meltz All. Keeping ice at bay on walkways and drives is key for making entryways safe for family, guests, and the occasional delivery driver. Meltz All, a 2017 NHS New Product World product by NSC Minerals LTD, is an all-natural mineral ice melt that not only works in up to -28 degrees Celsius, but is pet-friendly as well. Learn more here >>

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