Plumbing & Electrical: Protection Control

November 14, 2017

Keeping exterior plumbing fixtures from freezing, preparing for winter storm blackouts, and keeping family safe from fire and harmful gasses are the name of the game in winter plumbing and electrical.

10 Year Sealed Battery Photoelectric Smoke + CO Alarm. Another 2017 NHS New Product World product is aimed at alerting consumers to both smoke and carbon monoxide, while reducing nuisance alarm incidents. The 10-year battery life eliminates the need for annual battery changes—a plus for rooms with high ceilings. Learn more here >> 

eZG 7250 6500W Portable Generator. Winter storms can leave homes without power, sometimes for days, but backup generators, like Energizer Power Equipment’s eZG 7250, can help consumers power their essential appliances during blackouts. Gas powered and portable. Learn more here >> 

Frost King® Faucet Protectors. One of the biggest outdoor plumbing concerns in the winter is a frozen faucet, which could lead to hundreds of dollars in home repairs. Thermwell Products Co. Inc. has this covered, literally, with their Frost King® faucet protector, which snugly fits over exterior faucets, insulating them from bitter winter elements. They are also handy at reducing air leaks throughout the year. Learn more here >> 

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