November 21, 2017

Some As Seen on TV products make perfect impulse buys and stocking stuffers. Place these items near the counter for last minute add-ons.

BevBuckle. As seen on Shark Tank, this decorative belt buckle serves as a retractable drink holder for cans or bottles. Available in 11 different designs, from Longhorn to Sturgis anniversary editions. Learn more here >> 

Scrub Daddy. Also pitched on Shark Tank, this scratch-free, smiley face sponge has been lab-tested to be odor-free, and it cleans with a rinse because food particles don’t stick to it. Learn more here >> 

Bowl Fresh®. From Willert Home Products comes a line of bowl deodorizers that keep toilets free of stains and smelling fresh. The product line includes blue tablets, gels and rim hangers, plus an automatic cleaner that fits inside tanks and works especially well with low-flow toilets. Learn more here >>

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