November 21, 2017

New invention promoters like the National Hardware Show® and Shark Tank, have brought many convenient and innovative products to the forefront—products consumers didn’t even know they needed. Below are three new items that offer a unique approach to problems and projects.

Quickdraw-XLR® Dual Use Utility Knife. From EDC Hand Tools, this utility knife has a 75-percent longer blade, giving it a tactical feel perfect for contractors. It has a bi-directional hand grip, quick change blade button, integrated wire stripper, and pocket clip. Learn more here >>

Mighty Spot™ Sealer. From InvenTel, this rubberized, interior and exterior sealer is mold- and mildew-resistant and doesn’t crack or chip. Apply it straight from the tube, no caulk gun required. Learn more here >> 

Activalve™ Auto Water Shut-off. From RuB, Inc., this patented, automatic ball valve system is recognizable as a water control and is easy to use—push the red button to turn the water off and turn the blue valve to turn it back on. The system also will automatically turn off the water when temperatures drop low enough for pipes to freeze or burst. Learn more here >> 

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