November 21, 2017

Many As Seen on TV items make the list by offering convenience products that are easy to use and gentle on users’ backs and knees. The three items below are not only innovative but help make the job easier for users.

Amazing Rake®. This rust-resistant rake eliminates the need to stoop or bend when cleaning up yard waste. The special design has tines that rake, grab, and hold debris for bagging. Made in USA. Learn more here >> 

Greenland Gardener Raised Beds. Made from recycled plastic and untreated hardwood that is BPA, DEHP and formaldehyde free, these raised beds come in 6-inch and 8-inch heights. Available in single-, double- and half-bed options. Learn more here >> 

Metal Garden Hose™. Harvest Direct’s stainless steel garden hose is kink-proof, tangle-proof, weather-proof and puncture-proof. The lightweight and flexible design works with both low- and high-water pressure. Available in 25-foot length. Learn more here >> 


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