November 28, 2017

There are several products within the building supplies category, ranging from built-in safety features to easy-to-grasp handles and more, that can be utilized in retrofitting homes for the aging population.

American Diner Cabinet Pull. Drawers and cabinets without pulls are sometimes difficult to open, especially if handgrip strength is compromised. Hickory Hardware offers several lines of cabinet, drawer and appliance pulls that are easy to grasp, as well as styles that fit most any decor. Learn more here >> 

Guardline Driveway Alarms. Being alerted to potential visitors is helpful to senior safety, and Guardline Driveway Alarms can be a useful tool. Ranging from the 1000-foot Chamberlain Wireless Alarm, to the Guardline quarter-mile Long-Range Wireless, these driveway alarms alert users to approaching visitors well before they reach the door. Learn more here >> 

Textured Acrylic Concrete Coating. Falls leading to significant injury are a constant threat to many seniors, and nonskid, nonslip surfaces are a must-have for exterior walks and drives. The Textured Acrylic Concrete Coating by Quikrete® provides a nonskid surface to existing concrete, while simultaneously refreshing the appearance of worn-out surfaces. Available in multiple colors. Learn more here >> 

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