November 28, 2017

Convenience and ease-of-use are significant factors for consumers to consider when purchasing storage and organization products. Here are three that fit the bill.

Rubbermaid Pull-Down Spice Rack. Constructed from epoxy-coated steel, the Rubbermaid Spice Rack allows users full pull-down access to spice bottles without the need to stand on a stool to reach them. Learn more here >>

Motion-Sensor Trash Can Duo. These lidded trash cans are conveniently sized for the kitchen and bath. The motion-sensing lid stays closed, keeping odors and trash contained, and easily opens with a wave of the hand, eliminating the step-down opener that could cause seniors to lose balance while operating. Learn more here >>

The Snapper Cane. This two-in-one cane and grabber combo allows users to not only help steady themselves when walking, but can easily retrieve dropped items, eliminating the need for older individuals with mobility difficulty to bend down and risk falling. Learn more here >> 

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