December 6, 2017

Managing feeding systems is a big part of farm work. The following products can help your farm and ranch consumers complete their tasks more efficiently.

Harper™ Hand Trucks. Loading and unloading large bags of feed is easier with a Harper™ Hand Truck. Available in a variety of wheeled models, the line of trucks is made from all-welded tubular steel, aluminum and nylon. Made in USA. Learn more here >>

Headwind Consumer Products Rain Gauges. Ensure your grazing grasses and other feed-related crops are getting sufficient water with Headwind Consumer’s easy-to-read rain gauges. Available in solar, digital and wireless options, these gauges allow users to track daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rainfall. Learn more here >> 

Bale Covers. Covered hay has a better nutrient retention rate and can reduce loss from rot or mold up to 33 percent, according to Rainbow Industries, a manufacturer of a variety of covers. The fabrics they use have built-in ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent sun damage, and they avoid failure from wind by using web reinforced rod pockets and ratchet straps to hold the cover in place. Learn more here >> 


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