Building Supplies: Lower Electricity Costs

December 12, 2017

From natural lighting for living spaces to keeping out the winter cold, these products help to save energy throughout the seasons.

Curb Mount Insulated Glass Skylights. Eliminate the need for daytime electric light use with skylights. Tru-Lite CMG Skylights are constructed with LoE-240 argon-filled glass and welded aluminum sash. These skylights come in four energy-efficient models, including hurricane-rated products. Learn more here >>

Pipe Wrap Insulation. Un-insulated water pipes are subject to a great deal of heat loss, especially during colder seasons. Insulating wraps, like those by Jacobs & Thompson, can help reduce heat loss, and help to curb frozen or burst pipes. Learn more here >> 

Shurtape Brands Roll-on Patio/Large Window Kit. This winter weather protection allows consumers to “seal” their windows against unwanted drafts. Installs with included tape. Easy removal. Learn more here >> 

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