Plumbing & Electrical: Create Affordable Comfort

December 12, 2017

Lowering costs while maintaining comfort is the name of the game for plumbing and electrical. Here are three products that can boost the comfort level without boosting the electric bill.

SmartBoost. “No More Cold Showers” is the tagline for EcoSmart’s SmartBoost water heater booster. This unit attaches to new or existing water heaters to increase their efficiency and give them the performance of a larger water heater while simultaneously lowering operating costs. Includes a “vacation mode” for additional savings. Learn more here >>

Quartz Wall Mount Comfort Furnace. A built-in thermostat and eco-setting allow this wall-mounted, quartz infrared furnace by World Marketing of America, Inc., to pump out over 5,000 BTUs of winter-chasing heat, without breaking the bank. Learn more here >>

Luminus® Chandelier Bulbs. LEDs are on the leading edge of energy-efficient lighting, and the range of available bulb types continues to grow. Conglom’s Luminus® Chandelier bulb allows consumers to replace existing inefficient bulbs with a similar style that will save on energy costs. Learn more here >> 

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