Homewares: Practical Traveling

December 19, 2017

Not all popular items are flashy. Many are practical, vital products that promote safe and healthy traveling. Below are three items that road warriors and serious vacationers can use daily.

PhoneSoap. Cell phones are one of the dirtiest items consumers come into contact with daily, because everything users touch ends up on their phones. Fortunately, the portable UV cell phone sanitizer eliminates bacteria in just six minutes. The latest version also has a built-in phone charger. Learn more here >>

BihlerFLEX™ Bungee Cords. The all-weather and chemical-resistant bungee cords and tie downs from BihlerFLEX™ have a lifetime guarantee. The full line includes flex web, adjustable, fixed end, loop end, easy stretch, utility suspender cords and tie-downs in varying lengths, from 6 to 32 feet. Learn more here >>

Chums® Neoprene Eyewear Retainers. These lightweight and quick-drying retainers from Chums, Inc easily adjust to fit any glasses or sunglasses and come in a variety of solid colors and patterns, including stripes, plaids, and stars and stripes. The neoprene retainers also come in a foam-filled option that floats. Learn more here >>

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