Tailgating & Recreation: Camping with Comfort

December 19, 2017

Camping has slowly evolved from a rugged survivalist activity for the daring to a luxurious getaway that offers all the comforts of home in a more scenic setting. Below are three products that make living in the great outdoors just as comfortable as consumers’ backyards.

Forest Air MINI Portable Air Conditioner. Merging the best qualities of split-air and portable air conditioners, the MINI from Forest Air is the first two-piece portable air conditioning unit on the market, as well as the most efficient. The two-piece design is 25 percent more efficient because the heat is vented outside instead of being lost in the room. It is also quieter than single units because the condenser is outside. Perfect for recreational vehicles, cabins, office trailers, and other small spaces, the MINI is easily installed by plugging it into a standard outlet. Learn more here >>

Fireside Industries Campfire Defender. Changing weather can be worrisome when camping, especially for campers relying on a fire for heat and as a cooking source. Wind, rain or snow can make it difficult to keep a fire going or to restart one. Campfire Defender from Fireside Industries can cover a fire in bad weather or contain it overnight, keeping coals burning for up to eight hours. Simply insert the spike into the middle of the pit and cover the fire with the tarp, which is made from military-grade fabric. An adjustable vent allows users to put out the fire without water so it is easier to restart the next day.  Learn more here >>

The Hammock Source Travel Hammocks. The Hammock Sources’s line of Hatteras Hammocks® offers a variety of durable hammocks from quilted top and rope versions to swings. Most can be easily packed up, making them travel-ready. The company also offers a variety of heavy-duty stands and decorative pillows. Made in USA. Learn more here >>

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