January 16, 2018

From creating displays to encourage caring for wild birds, to suggestive countertop displays near the register, the following three products are among several in Lawn and Garden that ca

n grab consumer attention.

Bloomers! Veggie Pops. Made in Nashville, Tennessee, Bloomers! can be a fun way to get kids (and even some adults) interested in gardening. Packaged to look like lollipops, each of the 24 varieties of pops come complete with non-GMO seeds and Bloomers! Wondersoil—just plant, water and grow. Learn more here >>

Bug Protector Roll’n Go. Many times, consumers don’t think about pesky insects until they are trying to enjoy a hike or their child’s ball game. This all-natural bug repellant is DEET-free and comes in a compact roll-on balm that’s small enough to toss in a backpack, bag or pocket, and makes a good choic

e to keep in impulse-buy locations. Made In USA. Learn more here >> 

Four Season Wild Bird Food®. Winter and early spring are generally lean months for wild birds, and many consumers like to supplement bird diets with seed and suet mixes. Wagner’s offers a wide range of birdseed mixes, including their Four Season general purpose seed mix, to meet a variety of

avian dietary needs. Learn more here >>


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