January 16, 2018

Now that the December holidays have passed, many consumers are turning their thoughts to reorganizing their spaces, as well as to spending their gift cards or returned-gift funds on items they can use. Here are three items retailers can highlight in those impulse-buy display zones.

QuickStick®. With hooks, holders, caddies and more, the QuickStick® line by Delta Design Company offers a variety of tools to help consumers organize and decorate their spaces with easy-to-use pieces. Remove backing and adhere to any nonporous surface; repositioning is as easy as peeling from that surface and putting it in a more desired location. Learn more here >>

FANtastics®.  Indoor public spaces can be notorious for poor ventilation; thermostats are generally set for a comfort zone that doesn’t always sync with the heavy sweaters and jackets needed for outdoor temps. FANtastics are a convenient way to cool down without having to carry a bulky battery-operated personal fan. Conveniently stored in a small pouch that fits comfortably in a pocket or bag, each FANtastic® from Alexx, Inc. converts into a handheld fan for quick use. Learn more here >> 

Key’P It Up. Consumers will appreciate not having to place their new bags on salt and slush with another product by Alexx, Inc. The Key’P It Up serves double duty as a holder that easily hangs handbags from the side of tables, keeping them off the floor, and as a decorative key locator, hanging keys (or practically anything else needed for quick access) on the inside of a purse or pack. Learn more here >>

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