January 23, 2018

Paint is one of the easiest ways to give a home a facelift. Whether it’s touching up or totally repainting walls, or refinishing a piece of furniture, consumers can use the following products to breathe new life into their decor.

Red’s “Touch It Up” Scuff Paint. White trim can take a beating during the holidays, but consumers will often wait until they need to paint all trim to deal with it; now they don’t have to. This all-in-one brush and paint system allows users to quickly cover up unsightly scuffs without having to break out separate brushes, trays and paint cans. Learn more here >>

EZ Strip™ All Purpose Remover. One key ingredient in most DIY tool bags is a product that can remove paint, glues and other unwanted finishes. EZ Strip is one such product that removes a whole host of items, including, but not limited to, paint, grease, marker, adhesives, gum and even painted popcorn ceiling. Nontoxic, no mess and low VOC. Learn more here >>

Chroma Painting System. An innovation in paint supplies, the Chroma Paint System includes an adjustable, ergonomic handle that can accommodate most roller covers quickly via a hands-free pincer action that grabs the roller from both sides. Can be used with standard extension poles when needed.  Learn more here >> 

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