January 31, 2018

Outdoor recreation products are probably the largest category for items geared toward consumers who spend their leisure time fishing on the lake or tracking game in the woods. Here are three products that can come in handy when in the great outdoors.

Campfire Defender. Hunting and fishing trips can last days, and having a warm campfire at the ready can make for a more comfortable experience. Constructed of a military-grade glass fabric and silicone, the Campfire Defender is rated to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be used to either extinguish a fire or protect coals from inclement weather. Features also include aluminium-alloy vents for controlling air flow to the fire, and a fire stake to adjust the pitch of the cover.  Shown in New Product World. Learn more here >> 

Life Straw. One of the products featured as part of the Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery category, LifeStraw can also be of great use to outdoorsmen of all types. With the ability to make untreated water drinkable by removing most contaminants, the LifeStraw is completely portable and needs no batteries or chemicals to work. Winner of a 2017 Hardware Retailing Retailers’ Choice Award. 

Camplites Pop-Up USB Lantern by Wagan Corporation. A New Product World item,  the Camplites Pop-Up USB Lantern can be used as a lantern or a flashlight with a quick pull/push of the housing. It shines at up to 240 lumens, providing significant lighting where needed, and its power bank feature allows for charging of USB devices. Learn more here >>

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