February 13, 2018

While temperatures outside may not be spring-like yet, they aren’t far off. Many consumers are planning their outdoor spaces, many of which will include designated areas for entertaining guests and enjoying great barbecue. These cutting-edge grills can help complete their wishlists.

Timberline 1300 Grill. Traeger Grills marries smart technology, energy efficiency, and the age-old tradition of cooking with fire with their Timberline 1300. The WiFIRE® WiFi controller application allows users to adjust temperatures and timers from their smartphones, while the TRU Convection® system promotes faster cooking without loss in quality over standard grilling methods, thereby saving fuel. Learn more here >> 

GoSun Grill®. Use the power of the sun to cook food anywhere. The GoSun Grill® is the largest of the GoSun lineup of solar cookers, with the ability to roast, bake or steam a meal for up to eight people with directed sunlight, no fuel required. Learn more here >>  

Pit Barrel® Cooker. Outdoor convection cooking is an emerging trend, and the Pit Barrel® Cooker utilizes this technique to product tender, flavorful meats. Their “Hook-and-Hang” design keeps meats in the center of the barrel, allowing heat and smoke to circulate freely, enveloping everything without obstruction. An NHS 2017 Hardware Retailing Retailers’ Choice Award winner. Learn more here >> 

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