February 13, 2018

Whether it’s keeping the grill clean, starting up the fire or moving food around the grill with ease, these handy accessories can help to improve a consumer’s grilling game.

Original Grill Daddy Safety Clean ™. Some consumers are wary of using chemical cleaners on their grills, but the Original Grill Daddy resolves those concerns while removing unwanted debris from grill grates. Utilizing the Safety-Clean™ system with patent-pending Bristle-Lock™ brush head technology, the power of sterilizing steam cleaning can help keep grill grates sparkling. Learn more here >>

TurboFlame®. Quickly start a fire in a grill or fire pit with this butane/propane product. Brought to the market by Best of the West Products, TurboFlame® is an aerosolized canister that consumers can point and shoot at a flame to produce a blowtorch-like effect to get fires going without the mess or wait-time of traditional starting methods.  Learn more here >>

BBQ Croc 3-in-1 Tool. This extendable tool acts as three products in one—a turner, tongs and scraper.  Available in three sizes (18-inch, 21-inch and 26-inch), the Croc 3-in-1 keeps hands away from the heat of the grill while easily moving food around or efficiently scraping burnt-on debris from grill grates. The 26-inch model is even strong enough to move smaller logs in a fire pit. Learn more here >>

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